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Novi Sad
Mornarska 7


Nestled within our real estate portfolio, our workshop stands as a pinnacle of functionality and practicality. With its expansive layout and strategic design, our workshop provides an ideal environment for various creative pursuits.

Spanning a generous area, our workshop offers ample room for customization. Its open floor plan allows for seamless workflow and flexibility in organizing. Additionally, the high ceilings provide a sense of spaciousness, accommodating small-scale projects with ease.

Equipped with cutting-edge tools, our workshop is tailored to meet the demands of modern manufacturing processes. Every aspect of our workshop is optimized to enhance efficiency and productivity.

Furthermore, our workshop boasts advanced infrastructure and utilities to support a wide range of activities. Whether it's electrical outlets strategically placed throughout the space or dedicated storage and material handling areas, every detail is thoughtfully considered to streamline operations and maximize productivity.

TSS workshop

TSS workshop

Our meticulously designed workshop, equipped with state-of-the-art tools, offers a versatile environment where creativity thrives and craftsmanship flourishes.

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