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Discover HT Real Estate’s unique properties in Novi Sad—flexible rental spaces for seminars, workshops, and more.

Welcome to HT Real Estate – A Unique Showcase of Our Signature Properties

We understand that every business has unique needs. Our spaces adapt to your requirements, whether for a one-day seminar, a week-long workshop, or a month-long learning course. We offer advanced rent scheduling, which provides the flexibility you need in today’s dynamic business landscape.

At HT Real Estate, your rental experience is more than just securing space; it's about collaborating to turn your vision into reality and create an exceptional experience.

Transparency and authenticity

HT Real Estate stands apart by presenting a curated collection of our own properties. With a commitment to transparency and authenticity, we invite you to explore our two business buildings and workshop building in detail.

Whether you're seeking insight into our architectural designs, exploring our workshop facilities, or simply curious about the spaces we call our own, HT Real Estate offers a user-friendly website to facilitate your virtual exploration.

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Signature Business Buildings

Immerse yourself in the unique features of our business buildings. Discover the environments that inspire our daily operations, from innovative design elements to functional spaces.

The Workshop Building

Explore the heart of our operations in our workshop building. This space represents the hub of creativity and functionality, where ideas come to life and our commitment to excellence is brought into tangible form.

We believe in providing an authentic representation of our properties. Through genuine imagery and honest descriptions, we aim to offer you a true sense of the spaces we proudly own.

Meet with our properties and discover the essence of HT Real Estate.

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