Jermenska 7

Nestled at Jermenska 7 Street in Novi Sad, this property boasts a unique blend of charm and functionality. It offers ample space for various endeavors, with a building area of 124 square meters and a spacious courtyard spanning 452 square meters. While there are only 4 parking spaces, the property provides convenient access and flexibility for potential occupants.

Ideal for businesses seeking a quaint yet versatile space, the Jermenska 7 Street property presents opportunities for creativity and innovation. Whether used as a boutique office or a vibrant retail space, its prime location and inviting atmosphere make it a desirable choice for entrepreneurs and visionaries alike.

Building types : Business offices

City : Novi Sad

Address : Jermenska 7 and 9

Jermenska 9

Adjacent to its counterpart on Jermenska 7 Street, the property on Jermenska 9 Street offers its own distinctive appeal. With a building area of 189 square meters and a charming courtyard measuring 385 square meters, this property exudes character and potential. While the number of parking spaces is limited to two, the property's intimate ambiance and prime location make it an attractive option for those seeking a cozy yet functional space.

From boutique shops to creative studios, the Jermenska 9 Street property presents endless possibilities for customization and utilization. Its quaint surroundings and tranquil atmosphere provide an inviting backdrop for businesses looking to establish a unique presence in the heart of the city.

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